(x) cool display fonts on old album covers - Neil Bold, Alpha Midnight {Patricia, Mark S}

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Would be really helpful if someone knew these 3 old fonts. Or any of them.


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Is that Neil Bold again??? (second and third samples)

If so, third time this week????


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Found this info on Typographica:

"Mobley is based on ten letters found on the cover of a 1960s Blue Note jazz album. The ten source letters were designed for film setting by Wayne Stettler as part of a single typeface published by VGC under the name Neil Bold. Mobley Sans and its condensed and serifed counterparts constitute a brand new design molded around those source letters."

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Too bad - Mobley Sans is missing some of the quirks of the original Neil Bold, such as the little hook where the bowl of the P joins the stem. And the cap E is completely different.

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The other font is an old film font called Alpha Midnight. No idea if there is a digital version.

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