Press Release Typo 18

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The 18th issue of the TYPO magazine is dedicated to British typographer Matthew Carter, who recently celebrated the fiftieth anniversary since the beginning of his career. The essay outlining Carter's lifelong work was composed by Margaret Re, American researcher of typography and a curator of the exhibition Typographically Speaking: The Art of Matthew Carter. It also includes an overview of all Carter's typefaces composed since 1963.
On further twenty pages of the magazine, Carter was interviewed by our Polish contributor Adam Twardoch, recapitulating his career, sharing his intimate views on the work of a typographer, and even revealing personal details from the life of this typographic star.

The TYPO magazine is published bi-monthly in English and Czech since January 2003. It contains 32-44 full color pages printed on high quality coated paper of 250 × 310 mm format. Information on subscriptions at Contact: Linda Kudrnovska, editorial office manager, linda(at)magtypo(dot)cz.

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Cool, thank you. Sorry who is Mr. Martin Jamrich ?

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A publisher of the magazine.

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