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Hi guys,

here is a logo I am working on. It is for a girl who is starting a website on where she is going to write about modern art exhibitions she has visited. 'zo zie ik het' is dutch and translated it means 'this is how I see it'.
The logo is portaying a person who is standing in front of a picture/painting and at the same time you can read it as an uppercase A. Her first name is Akkemei so this seems appropriate. Because she is writing about the art I thought that a handwriting typeface (marydale) is too.

Do you have any comments/critique?

Thanks in advance!

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Cute mark. I saw a floppy disk at first. Maybe make the body of the person go all the way to the outer box to emphasize the 'in front of' angle.

Also, maybe draw the mark by hand to match the type.

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I like it too; light and clean.

Sticking with the handmade idea, you might try actually hand-writing the type and vectorizing it; the feeling of individuality could come through stronger that way. It may be cliché by now but you could also play with the dots in zozieikhet.nl — they are often ignored but when attention is paid to them it's a nice touch.

Nice work; I'm interested to see how it turns out.

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I like it but its to symetrical for "my own opinion" offset some elements and you have a winner

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My only concern (from a web production perpsective) is the line weight on the mark, and the thickness of the typeface itself. If you were going to reduce this down to...for example, an avatar of 50x50 or 75x75, would the mark still hold? It may loose a little legibility.

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I like the mark very much as well. Very clever. I do agree with others that you need to better communicate the idea of personalized response.

Planet Propoganda once created a logo for Adams Outdoor Advertising (attached) where they combined the idea of an A and a billboard. To convey the idea of customization, they interchanged the imagery on the billboards. Hopefully this is inspring. I'm not suggesting you rip of Planet Propoganda's mark.

I look forward to watching this evolve.

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