Stencil fonts on Simon & Garfunkel album covers (1965 & 2005)

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Can someone please help me identify the two stencil fonts used on the titles of Simon & Garfunkel ‘s
albums “Wednesday Morning 3 AM ” (1965) and “Old Friends Live on Stage”? (2005) I believe you can see them at Amazon .com Thanks, Judith

(Sorry to post in the wrong place. It was my first time.)

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"Old Friends" uses what looks to be a stenciled version of Helvetica. Could be hand made. I don't know of a digital version. Cargo is similar.

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Wednesday is clearly hand made. Note the differences in the 'N's. You might like Roadworks or Brassplate.

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I had thought the same thing - it looks like Helvetica.

Closest stencil font I found (on myfonts) is Arston but it's not a match.

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