(x) Play, The NY Times Sports Magazine - Whitney {Jonathan H}

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What is that sans-serif used in the new supplement to The New York Times, Play? Looks like a cross-breed of Metro and Trade Gothic...

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It's Whitney.

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Thanks Jonathan. No wonder it felt familiar.

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new supplement to The New York Times, Play?

Want some gossip?

Play is designed by Jeanette Hodge, who previously designed Dwell in San Francisco. Her husband is Mike Abbink, who previously worked at MetaDesign, also in SF, and is now with WolffOlins in New York (at least he was earlier in the year...) Mike happens to be the designer of FF Kievit and has some great new stuff in the typographic pipeline.

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Keep us posted! ;^)

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Mike designed the 2004 GE Inspira for GE's rebranding carried out by Wolff Olins. Ff Kievit also started as a corporate typeface comissioned by Method of SF for their client www.personify.com

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