(x) Deana & Patrick wedding website script - Arcana GMM Manuscript {Chesh}

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Hi there...I'm a newbie here! Does anyone know the typeface that is used as the main type on this site? I guess I could just contact the couple on the site but let's see how good you guys are! (not that I'm challenging...I just know you will come through for me without me having to email a total stranger) :)

Here's the link: www.deana-patrick.com

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Arcana GMM Manuscript. Assist, as usual, from Mike's site.

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Awesome! Thanks! I'll be hitting up Mike's site from now on! :) Thanks again!! You made me a happy girl!

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> You made me a happy girl!

Yup, that's what he does best (apart from IDing type). Chesh is our resident Casanova. :^D

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