"Big Automobile" - your thoughts?

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This project was my first venture into type design, inspired by the old badge faces from big american cars in the 50's and 60's.

It started as a true-type font using fontlab's 'typetool' (thats all we had 2 years ago when i was at university). I would like to rework it as open type.

Any criticisms, advice, direction or feedback would be muchly appreciated.

Looking at it now, I think the following are a bit odd...

- Upper case 'N' just aint right
- In fact, I think all the uppercase glyphs are a bit incoherent
- Something probably needs to happen with lowercase 'f'
- Stroke width probably could be a bit thicker

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I think the huge eccentricity of the capitals is what makes this face awesome. I agree, though, that the 'N' isn't right. And the left curve of the 'A' is too organic; it should terminate at the same angle as everything else. I might dare to say 'Z' is not weird enough! Try other things for the 'O', too, because it could read as a big 'a'. As odd as it sounds, maybe a perfect circle would work.

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speaking as a type-loving graphic designer, not a type designer, i think this face is a great candidate for lots of alternate characters. Allow the final user to choose from a pallete of characters to achieve the optimal rhythm. Some alternate begining/ending characters would be cool.

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