Font Suggestions?

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Hi all,

I'm midway through designing a logo for a good friend of mine who trains gundogs (Retrievers, Pointers, Setters etc). I really like the Berthold cut of Caslon, which seems to sit very nicely with the graphic I have created (a dog's head), but wondered if anyone would be kind enough to suggest some alternatives.

The overall 'feel' I'm after is traditional, solid, reliable, rugged and dependable. Many thanks in advance.


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While Caslon is traditional, solid, reliable...and dependable, I'm not sure I'd describe it as rugged. I'd look for something with a little more personality.

You'll probably get feedback with more depth if you upload the graphic you've made.

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Thanks for your reply - I've modded a few of the Caslon characters and ended up with a result that both I and my friend are happy with.

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