"Settlers" title font help

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Hey all, I have this great opportunity coming up where i have alot of creative freedom to make a title sequence for a show called "Settlers".
Im a little stuck for ideas as they want it to have a more contempory feel.The main ideas being "firmly grounded" and bringing the past into the present, as opposed to taking the viewer back in time.
I have attatched some crap i thought of but Any fonts or suggestions would be great.

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Maybe you should start by creating a logotype. And then let the motion of it all be inspired from that. As they stand, your two choices seem more historic than modern.

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Why not try to figure out the animation sequence first and maybe a typeface will occur to you.

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What's the show about?

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The show consists of celebrities discussing there heritage,how certain personality traits they have, may have come from there ancestral background.
"What did the Settler's contribute to the modern Kiwi personality?"

I have thought about the above comments and they have both helped,
another idea i had was to show the letters grown out of the "S" so each letter represents a generation..which inturn has come back to the last "S"?...so maybe a font which has character that is strongly revolved around the curves of an "S".

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This show has rather a nice graphic based on a similar idea.

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