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I am in the market for a lazer printer / writer, etc. Something I can print really sharp typography from. I have been printing on an epson 2200 ink jet for a couple of years... its just not cutting it. Before that the studio i worked at had one of those big xerox color lazer fiery docucolor stations about the size of a pickup truck... with a flat panel kiosk, it was sweet. but i am looking for just b/w, really crisp type, under $500... the cheaper the better. any ideas? i would love one that printer 11x17, but it is not totally necesary.

i am on a mac, needs to be firewire or usb 1.0

so what do you guys think? what are you using?


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good luck...

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Hello. Here are a few threads created by other Typophiles on the same hunt.

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Our office swears by the Brother HL-6050DN.

Fast, cheap, crisp. Only handles 8.5" wide paper, though...


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I could swear I saw some b/w lasers at Staples the other day that claimed 2400dpi output that were around your price range. Brother and HP IIRC. Might be worth a look.

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