Typophile Search plugin for Firefox/Mozilla

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It's been a while that I wanted to try and create a search plugin for Firefox/Mozilla. The linked site mentions it has to be a "GET" method page, but since Typophile's search function doesn't show anything in the URL, I'm not even sure it's possible.

So, Punchcut people, is it possible? Or is Typophile's super-search too much for poor Mozilla to handle? :)

EDIT: I wrote the code for the search and tried testing it but as expected it didn't work. If anyone thinks this is an interesting idea, I'll gladly post the code here (it's simple and short).

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I know a while ago, before the official search was working, Grant wrote something for Safari. I wonder where that went. I have it at the office. I'll post the link tomorrow.

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I had run into a similar problem in enabling a search from the Typophile OS X Widget- it too needed a GET method instead of POST. I spoke with Christian about it and I got the impression there was a security reason for handling it so.

Grant's workaround used Google to search the site.

I'll follow up with CR again to see what the verdict is/was.


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Miss Tiff, do you mean the Bookmark with the "Search Typophile" popup? I have that too, and it works in FF as well, but I wanted to try and avoid Google since the Typophile search looks so much better :)

Jared, thank you. I'm on a PC so I've never tried the Widget. Maybe the workaround used for it would work for this too? The Mozilla search plugin is Sherlock-based.

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