"Heenan Blaikie" possible pre-digital straight-sided sans.

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Anybody know what this might be called, or maybe what it was based on? I've been told it's most likely pre-digital. Thanks in advance-

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Can you say anything about the source of this sample, especially its age? What was the reason for saying it was pre-digital?

I have hunted through three volumes of Photo-Lettering catalogs, and the Solotype Catalog and the Phil's Photo book without seeing anything particularly close. (If you didn't start out with the pre-digital information, I would have guessed a freeware tech style font.)

- Mike Yanega

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I agree with Mike - It has the amateurish reek of a freebie.

Nick Cooke

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Looks like somebody did a poor job at impersonating Berthold Imago.

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Thanks for the responses, and I apologize for not giving complete information. I was told that it was most likely 25+ years old, thus my assumption that it was originally pre-digital. It's quite possible--probable, even--that it is custom, but I wanted to make sure.

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