Serial numbers on auto assembly documents (late 1960s--1970s)

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I see someone changed the subject line on my previous post...real class!

For everyone's information, the samples I posted were not from US currency...attached is a section of the documents they came from.

Any REAL help would be appreciated.

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Maybe some monospaces machine type like OCR-B would do it?

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> I see someone changed the subject line on my previous post…real class!

Sorry 'bout the misunderstanding, Bob, as I moderate this part of Typophile that would've been me. You pointing to H&FJ Greenback made me jump to conclusions a bit too fast. You see, we have received quite a few dubious requests in the past , like type on passports, credit cards, currency et al, so we'd rather be safe than sorry.

It would help if you were a bit more specific and used a more descriptive thread title. "Help ID Font..." is pretty redundant, as that's all we do around here. :^)

Oh, and I will change the subject line again, to allow our type IDers to quickly scan the list of threads in search of requests they might have the answer for.

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As for the numerals -- H&FJ Greenback is the closest match I know of.

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