Type Battle! Week 3 (1/30)

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TYPE BATTLE: Week 3 (30 Jan)

Here's your chance to stretch your type muscles on a weekly basis. Each game kicks off on Monday with a new challenge, and closes at midnight PST on Friday. Anyone may submit a design response to the challenge. You may enter as often as you wish. Post anytime. Critiques and comments are welcome throughout the game, from participants and spectators alike. Smack talk is encouraged.

Winner take all, no holds barred. May be the best designer win.

Link directly to this thread: http://www.typophile.com/battle03


- Size: 600 width x 400 height. 72 dpi
- Color: Black and white only
- Format: Please save your graphics as PNG
- Only respond with the characters posted in the challenge.

// Using only pixels, design at least 10 characters of a triline font.

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I've got a slow Monday going (for a change)... He's my first attempt - eleven characters.

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So that is what triline means. Pretty obvious I guess. Am I the only one getting an empty wiki entry on that link?

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That's really fun, Grant.

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How's this?

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I'm a big fan of that 'S' in Grant's design. It looks springy.

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I've never really done pixel fonts so bear with me...this is kind of a WIP:

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None of you are ready for the thing I've got up my sleeve!

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Just a quick doodle. Geometrical design, Greek caps.

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Thanks Chesh.

Thanks Lauren. I think my cap N is too wide and not springy enough.

Dan, I love how yours looks like it's made of folded ribbon.

Solid stuff so far...

Joe, you're such a tease.

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If you're posting enlarged specimens, be sure to show it at 100%!

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Dan, that is supa-fresh. The folded ribbon thing is unexpected, and just cool.

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Lovely lowercase k, Dan!

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This is kind of bland, but I've never tried to create anything like this before, so I wanted to put something together.


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No italics?

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No italics?

Darn! That sounds there like a chal-lenge!

I'm on it… will post soon, maybe tomorrow, Central European Time…

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Where is Hrant? Even with a new baby, he should be all over this :-D

Maybe the black and white only scared him away, as it could be construed to prevent the use of gray???

Come on, though! Where's Mana Triline?

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Anyone who could successfully pull-off a combination of this with week 1's challenge (i.e., a triline pixel font that was also a slab serif blackletter) would win my undying respect. Hell, I'd pay for that to be turned into a font!

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...And don't forget the swash characters!

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Hi, here's my first attempt at anything like this (also my first post to the board of anything I've made). Enjoy.

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Nice stuff everybody... Josh, nice to see a very angular triline. Kind of a nice breakaway from the usual Bauhaus-style triline.

Earlier I wrote: None of you are ready for the thing I’ve got up my sleeve!

Nevermind. It's sucking wind at this point. I was trying to do a constructivist-inspired triline in bitmap, but it's awful. =)

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You mean, something like this?

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Revised entry:

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David, scale it down to actual size please... =)

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I guess I didn't make it right...I just used the default grid in Photoshop and went at it. My file is at work so I'll have to figure it out tomorrow. How is everyone else going about this? Hmm looks like I should've just changed the grid to pixels. Doh! I'll repost tomorrow.

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Tim, minimum requirement is 10 characters, keep on drawing!
*edit* Oops, I didn't see your first entry!

David, yes, you'll want to work in individual pixels.

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Here is a rush job.

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Take no prisoners!

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Zara! Citadel!

Those last 3 and Grant's are tops.

Someone call Miguel into the ring!
(Or is that too scary?)

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Someone call Miguel into the ring!
(Or is that too scary?)

Not scary, exciting!

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oh.my.god, you guys. These are simply, beautifully, wonderfully awesome. I bow down before you. They are all just so goddam great. and i can't decide which l love the most ... But Jared's thrift rodeo is right up there, as is Zara's alphapixels + pleasing pixels, and Tim's Atoma, and dan's ansichbarkeit, and grant's insolvency ... and and and ...


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Tim, that Blackletter is a good start. Now try making that triline a real mix blackletter AND slab, and show more characters ;-)

Here is my italic attempt.

Zara, that last pic of yours is really nice.

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Jürgen Weltin

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Here's a more complete take on Dan's idea.
Now even slabbier, and with a silly swash character just for the sake of it.

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Kevin, I'm liking that blackletter…

Steve, both of your rock, but the FERTZLIUPH would roch herder if you wouldn't close the endings off, i.e., if thez weould be open like in your second design… I think that you could still keep the tapering effect somehow…

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Tim, the whole rason that the slab-blackletter challenge was so hard was because in most blackletter designs, the pen is held at a 45-degree angle (or somewhere around there), while slab serif typically have thick rectangular serifs at 90-degree angles, reinforcing baseline, x-height, etc. You're blackletter looks sweet, ahd has heavy serifs, but they aren't slab serifs. To make a blackletter a slab serif, you have to break it a little bit, so it isn't blackletter anymore.

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Dan is right that the slab serif idea loses some of its characteristic appeal if you tilt the slabs to conform with the diagonal axis.

Soo.... Something more challenging here:

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Image got lost.

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That is starting to look really interesting.

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Now we're cooking with pixels. Fantastic work everyone.

Zara, your flourishy sample has me giddy. Calligraphic without being too flowery. Jared, that woodtype variation blows my socks off. Woof! And the italic styles showing up are killer...

Here's another one trying to get as small as possible.

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Here's the actual size post...sorry about the earlier ones :-)

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I went with a 9x12 grid. It was my madness for about six hours last night.

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The blackletter styles are great! Steve, very nice stuff, but must be black and white! I know, it's hard… your "fertzliuph" is wonderful.

Marian, I'm tickled pink that I've made it onto your list, and I just said "tickled pink" for the very first time. I could imagine this might be something you'd be very good at - please join in on the fun!

Grant, I'm so glad I could make you giddy. I had to laugh when I finished the curly one, because it (unintentionally) looks just like the triline version of my last, well, only pixel font.

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The last version of the blackletter style was too shy, here's a much more stylized one:

..and I'm a fan of Rodeo and Alphapixels, too!

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