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although this is a logo (attempt), it really represents my first foray into non-pixel based type design.

the result of this first effort is nothing spectacular, and yet i need some feedback to see if my instincts are good or bad.

item 1 is a direct adaptation of one of my pixel fonts.
item 2 adds perfect circles into the mix
item 3 airs everything out
item 4 adds some flair to the interior shapes and trims the horizontal elements
item 5 is a step in the wrong direction

i'm going to continue working on this logo until i get it right: i'm not going to shop for a font that might fit the words. why? because i need to make the leap into bezier designs sooner or later, and i've been putting it off for a long time.

that said, if anyone has suggestions on creative directions i might take, i'm all ears. i'm looking for something modern, but not necessarily cold. i want panache, without being cute or clever, and i want a semi-bold look.

trust me when i say i do not mean to imply that this first step of mine embodies all the qualities i just listed. it is, as i mentioned, just my first stab at things.

the logo and tag will probably go something like this: set your image apart. the idea being, a uniquely edited photo catalog is available here.

any help, as always, is considered a supreme act of friendship.


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i like this one a little better. small tweaks to glyph widths and horizontal member dimensions.

see logo 3

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more changes.

playing with spacing, possible lowercase forms, and in item 10, slight rotations of the inner elements of the characters.

i think item 10 has the most style, even if it is a well-worn type style. didn't photodisc have a logo in the same letter style? i tried to google it, but came up zeros.

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Without knowing what the logo has to do, the nature of the company/product etc. I think item 7 is a good starting point, the change of case aids pronounciation. I am not keen on the tails of the 'lit' group they are too contrasted and uniform and I wonder if they are all necessary, if you amended them to a heavier stroke and more of a geometric shape to match the characteristics of the others, the 'l' tail should be shorter than that of the 't', you might even be able to lose it on the 'i' (which seems too tall and looks better with the round dot). The 'n' needs some work on the inside of its counter and I think you should look at the relation of vertical element and counter in the 'p' and 'a'. Finally, Photopolitan has some of the properties of the OHOHO kerning exercise, the kerning will have to be loosened a touch, especially for small use.
Hope this of some use.

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thanks for your help. i've done the best i can interpreting your advice, but there are a few areas i'm sure i've missed the mark, despite my own efforts.

i'm not sure how this is all working. i liked it at first, but there isn't a real flow within the word visually, and i don't know how to fix that, other than to try a completely different style.

the name is a stock photography and illustration brand. i am hoping to find a balance between strong geometric shapes, with a little flair thrown in; a few sexy curves.

hence my first attempts.

please, anyone who can offer some suggestions or perspective, please send them: i need the help!

latest versions are up.

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I quite liked the very first version of the logo type shown in the first image

With the latest versions I think you have to be careful with the widths at the joins of the 'p', the 'a', as these currently look too black and too 'blotchy' / blurry


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you are the master of the style i'm shooting for here. your letterforms in many cases strike me as barren in their origin, mathematical. but by the time you are done sculpting them, they strike the perfect balance between algorithm and poem.

just my opinion, of course, there are many here on these boards who are more in tune with our work than i, no doubt. regardless, i am glad to have your feedback.


i'm thinking that photopolitan might be both too long and perhaps a little to clever (or maybe not clever enough) to work as i'd like it to. so as of now, i'm changing the name to 'phoda'. two syllables, and a little better symmetry within the word.

of the designs on the latest post, i think i like 1a the best. it's funky (the stems), impersonal (outer bowls), and yet, still curvaceous in the inner bowls.

i'm looking for the suggestion of individuality through an otherwise faceless environment.

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To me the h is too wide and the stroke contrast is too great. The top right quadrant of the a looks a bit light. The d seems to have a shorter ascender than the h. As Dav says, the stems are creating dark areas, which is making the o look lighter than the other characters. I think that overall you can reduce the stroke contrast and reduce the angle of the stems or adjust the counters to compensate for the weight and angle of the stems.

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I think it would look better if you give them round stems. That would be in line with the perfect circles you made.

to clarify what i mean:

letters by bryant pro medium alternates3 and pro medium bold alternates3:

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