Printing issues with DTL fonts

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I just purchased DTL Unico. It was a significant investment.

However, I am getting discouraged because I can't seem to print the font, or make a PDF for that matter.

I buy fonts frequently, and have never had a problem before. Is there something I am not doing? Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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E-mail Frank Blokland (he owns DTL) about the problem.

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I have, and am waiting on a response.

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For 1,215 Euro, their support should be fabulous. Is this the open type version?

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It's the PS1 version. And I have only bought the roman at this time (125 Euro) as I was intending to try it, and then buy the other weights I need after testing. However, even 125 euro for a single weight is a large investment considering the excellent full families I can get at that price.

I already had to email them after my purchase when I didn't receive a link for a download page 6 hours after buying the font. Now I can't use the font, so I am a feeling a little aggravated with my purchase. However, to DTL's credit, it looks beautiful on screen and sets easily.

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I have been troubleshooting the issue and have discovered the following:

  • The font prints from Illustartor CS and QuarkXPress
  • The font does not print from Suitcase, Font Book, Word or OmniGraffle

I have no idea what that means, however...

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