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Hi, I'm a 17 year old student in high school. I think typogrpahy/graphic desgin is for me!!! I just have a feeling.

Anyway, I need your help.

I'm looking for typography information but I can't seem to find any over the internet believe it or not! So what better way to get true info than come on a typogrpahy messageboard!

Where can I find info on the following areas:

1. Historical information on typography

2. Classification

3. Anatomy

4. Form and Communication

5. Page Shaping

6. Technology

I appreciate it, thanks!

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man, i wish i knew what graphic design, let alone typography, was when i was 17.

here are a couple links to get you started:

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Dear Mr Kid,
Great enthusiasm - having a feeling is the best foundation.

There are many knowledgable people on this forum who can point you to some wonderful online sources - I'd just like to point out three indispensable books that come to mind: "Anatomy of a Typeface" by Alexander Lawson, "The Elements of Typographic Style" by Robert Bringhurst, and "Letters of Credit" by Walter Tracy. There are many others, but for me these tend to stand out.


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Before you jump headlong into "The Elements
of Typographic Style" (although you may be
ready for that) I'll recommend a more basic
primer, "Stop Stealing Sheep" by Erik
Spiekermann (from Adobe Press). This takes
a look at typography as it relates to the larger
picture of graphic design, whereas
Bringhurst's book is better suited as an
indepth reference.

(Or as the biblical addage puts it, milk before

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