A different take on your portfolio

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In the process of doing a little research on intellectual property rights, I came across an interesting statistic: it is estimated that as much as 30% of all current economic activity in the USA is traffic in intellectual property of one kind or another.

Those among us who design and sell licenses for typefaces are part of that 30% of IP entrepreneurs. As such, our assets—our collections of typefaces—have a cash value apart from the income they generate. So, it would seem that we are somewhat wealthier than we might have imagined. The problem is, how do we determine the value of a typeface or collection of typefaces?

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The problem also is that value depends upon market. It is only worth what people are willing to pay. Perhaps, like Van Gogh, it will only show value after we are dead? :-)


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so what are you saying we dont have to pay taxes on the fonts we sell.

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