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We're working on logotype for a new cafe/wine bar. We're attempting to capture a design direction conveying "traditional modern"; clean and simple made comfortable, inviting, and accessible. We're not wanting to rehash the old, but also don't want to be starkly modern, chic, or swanky. The architectural design and materials palette (dark woods, white marble, zinc, copper, white tile, hand-rubbed plaster, etc.) is a nod to neighborhood establishments of the 1920s/30s that were spare and minimal by function, but were also inviting and convivial by nature and necessity: apothecary, butcher shop, green grocer. From a graphic imagery perspective, I look to the international modernist movements of the early 1920s - early 1930s (namely De Stijl and Constructivist, specifically pre-Bauhaus) as inspirations.

With that background, attached is where we've arrived with the logotype. At minimal, I feel the stroke on the "N" is too heavy, but am anxious to have your esteemed feedback/critique on all aspects.

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Nice references. Your lettering reminded me of Futura Display. You might take a few more cues from it, however keep the rounded corners. I really like the direction. I wonder if the tagline is not realistically too small.

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I like the treatment as well; it's geometric but not too cold. I do agree with you about the N.

The R feels a bit black too, and the Bs maybe a bit too much like 8s; widening them might help.

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Overall, I like it, but the execution has problems all over.

The design of the characters seems a little wonky throughout. The corners are inconsistent, some verticals aren't actually 90 degree verticals, and some of the characters don't sit on the same baseline. Your curves generally need work on their transitions from curved to straight as well. There are distinct points where they meet the straights, which are distracting. I recommend rounding them a bit more. The 'N' needs to be reworked completely.

If this oddness is intentional, then you need to push it further and make it look intentional. If it isn't, you should do a lot of cleanup and consistency checking. But, as I said, it's a good start.

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Thanks for the feedback. Agree with the execution inconsistencies (definitely not intentional or desirable). We’ll clean up.

We thinned out the strokes and reworked the N and the I. Not sure I like the overall result. Kinda seems to have lost some of its distinctiveness. Now going back to previous stroke thickness and elongating the barrels on the Bs and Rs as per pica pushers recommendation and reworking the N and I in a variety of ways.

Tagline grew, but without any rhyme or reason, going to try to give it some symmetry to colored portion of the logotype.

I’ll post a rework.

Thanks all for your input.

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