vintage style travel poster

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hi. i need to design a vintage style travel poster for a major wine brand based in argentina.. any suggestions on what to use? im thinking the whole steamer trunk,vintage luggage tag, romantic travel 1930's time period.. i want to use two faces that really compliment each other for the headline (something like "experience BRAND NAME HERE")...

thoughts? ideas?

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How appropriate - I'm designing a book on Vintage Ocean Liners and it has lots of samples of luggage tags, stickers and posters. One font I think works very nicely is the Neutraface and Neutraface Condensed family from House Industries. I'm using them in combination with Stuyvesant Open script and Corvinus Skyline.

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great, thanks! i need some change from what i was sticking to, it seemed too loopy.

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If you would like to look at a few typefaces that were actually inspired by vintage travel posters, may I suggest a few little numbers from my catalog: Bessie Mae Moocho, East Coast Frolics, Gotham Rail Company, Maloja Palace, Marrakesh Express, Mesa Verde, Pomegranate, Red Star Line and Zuider Zee.

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Mark Simonson's Mostra and Coquette

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Eunoia is something I did recently. It's not based on anything in particular, but has a kind of geometric style that could be Art Deco, or Op Art, or even contemporary.

Could be mixed with something more historical, say from Blumlein 3

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I'm not sure wether you think my typefaces are too "modern" for this project? Please have a look and decide yourself;

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