Serif to go with New Gotham typeface for new magazine..

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Here is the info i can provide:

The Typeface chosen for the headlines is Gotham from Hoefler, you can see it here, i might variate the weight from article to article, but usually go with medium.
(see here:}

It will be for a magazine about culture and life on a danish island called "funen" - it's qualities (the ones we try and get across atleast) are that of hardworking, sturdy, stabile, well crafted, down to earth exelence.

I hope to print on white uncoated paper, around 100-120 gsm

The body copy i hope to set in three collumns

format - close to a regular a4

i'll look forward to any well qualified bids on a serif body copy face (also used bigger for pull quotes)

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A slab serif ("down to earth"), preferably with some stroke contrast (to help readability, assuming it's more than a couple of paragraphs).


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A good idea, Hrant. Like PMN Caecilia or
Hunter, LeFevre's redesign of Beton with italics.


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I, too, think Hrant's idea might be a good one. But I was thinking something more like Linoletter or Egyptienne F for magazine text. Worth a shot, I think.

-- Kent.

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Ah, a use for the infamous Linoletter!

BTW, one of the few Egyptians that I like:

BTBTW, I think another requirement for "friendliness" is a large x-height.


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Yes, the 505 is nice too. Both the 505 and Linoletter are by André Gürtler (the latter with Reinhard Haus). The earlier Egyptienne F is Frutiger's.

BTW, didn't Eye recently pick up one of these Egyptians for its Reviews section? I don't have a copy here so I can't check which one.

Hrant, what's so *infamous* about Linoletter? Did I miss that episode of 60 Minutes?

-- K.

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> what's so *infamous* about Linoletter?

Well, actually I guess it's not famous enough to be *infamous*... But it's the type of design (hyper-rational eurocratic*) that gets a bad rap among today's oh-so-intuitively-talented "artiste"s; and the -admittedly rare- comments I've read about it were negative.

* A Gurtler specialty. I don't like bureaucracy, but I actually don't think he was guilty of that - I personally love the guy. Unica rules. And the Egyptian505 numerals are what they need to be.


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hi kent funny you should mention it, it's the egyptienne f - by frutiger, that you mentioned, also they use it on uncoated, i noticed after you mentioned it as a possibility - and i actually think it will be my choice, maybe slightly larger than the tight 4 collumn grid they use for the review section

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