Would like a critique for BC

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Please critique my business card.

I wanted to have an abstract look.

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I like it Wanda, but don't forget other printing techniques, like stamping or embossing. Maybe if your wr was smaller it could be so cool blind embossed or heat stamped into a textured paper so the logo was shiny and smooth to contrast with the textured paper. I see alot of cards using black and a PMS ink and after awhile you kind of yawn. I once had a folding card with a diecut on the cover and when you opened it, it listed our agencies services and on the inside i had a list of companies we did work for. Very elegant. Just some ideas, Dan

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maybe some variation with the type for some of your information?

sorry.. its kind of hard to look at without a border

good start

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Wanda one more idea think about printing your card on a vellum stock with metallic inks, modern rich look.

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