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Hello everyone, I'm new to posting on this site, but would love some general feedback on this logo I have recently created. The logo is for a chain of porn/adult stores starting up here in Sydney. The brief was quite tricky, as it needed to steer away from your usual sleazy, in your face porn store identity. The feeling with this, is that is more of a superstore chain (KMart, Walmart, Bunnings Warehouse etc.) It needs to convey the feeling of a trust worthy, responsible, friendly and long lasting brand.


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I really don't like what you did to your M -- too narrow and distorted. Try to make it harmonise with the rest of the characters, and maybe check that A as well. For the rest it's a very good start.

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Yeah, I really don't see the point of obliquing the initials.

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Why does this logo have such a hard, industrial feel to it? I mean, I suppose "hard" is appropriate for porn, but this looks much more like branding for a large industrial machinery manufacturer than a "trust worthy...friendly" porn shop. The Walmart logo works because it suits the consumer's clouded idea of what they'll get there: simple, no-nonsense stuff with an upbeat (mind-numbing) atmosphere introduced by the goofy star. Same with KMart, espeically with their current design: clean, simple, even childlike. In either case, "friendly" is gushing in those logos, which is why they're so clunky and awkward, somehow inspiring trust, or at least diminished suspicion. Your logo makes me feel like that schmaltzy, generic super-store thing is the concept, but the atmosphere you're attempting to invoke just isn't executed successfully.

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Also looks very retro, from the type effect and the colors. I'm getting a 1950s feel. Is that deliberate/desirable?


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Just a few responses to questions asked:

Reason that I chose to oblique the first letter of each word was because it felt quite dull and lifeless without any kind of energy/movement. The brand has to breed a little bit of excitement/energy as is the way with the industry. The 'industrial' feel that has been mentioned came about with the idea that this brand needs to ooze power, commitment and something that will be around forever. As far as a 'retro' feel, I dont see this at all. The nature of the logo needs to be put in context before a judgement like that could be successfully made.

But overall, thank you all for your comments/ideas.

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You're stuck with a not-so-great name, but you gotta work with what you have.

"The ‘industrial’ feel that has been mentioned came about with the idea that this brand needs to ooze power, commitment and something that will be around forever."

The 'industrial' feel has a bit of a 'have bob slap together a sign and we'll hang it in the window' feel. Meaning that it seems to be doing the opposite of what you want. If you want the wal-mart/k-mart vibe, the key is simplicity of decoration IMHO.

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I see this as more of a identity for a toolhire firm, the font and colours don't really give the qualities that you are looking for. Furthermore, I question that the qualities that you mention are really those that an audience will want from a porn shop.

If you intend to stay with the design you have you should be aware that the shadow of the bar of the T in ADULT is going to be lost at small sizes and the lower right of the A has gone missing in the distortion. The shadows are also causing a problem because of the colours they represent as having two lightsources.

Overall, I would suggest that you look for another approach, maybe consider that women visit porn shops as well, I would look for an elegant seriffed font and present it in a simple, uncomplicated manner.


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