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hi all. attached a logo for a club called "cubes". the 3 smaller cubes on the top "represent" the
3 rooms/areas of the club. the color is just a working color. looking for critique right now :)
the club is going to play something like electronic music, dance and stuff for people between
25 and 40 or so. thanks: lars

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These are more squares than cubes. I love the logo below. Can't remember whose it is or was (maybe a bank??) - someone will know. Maybe it'll give you a little inspiration. Like the green, not keen on the shadow - seems a bit unnecessary from a purist point-of-view.

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hi nick, i had some other version as well, but i skipped those because nearly all of them looked to "technically" (what the client dont wants).
you're right on the "shadow", but i kept it because it gives a little more "contrast".

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