Portfolio Days 3 sans serifs - Andale Mono, ???, Neutraface {Patricia, Yves}

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Hi there,

Can anyone help me figure out these three typefaces?


(edit: ah, i added another file...)

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Smaller font looks to be Neutraface from House Industries.


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Yeah I'd agree that the smaller is Neutraface. Is the top something from Lineto?

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The first one is Andale Mono.

Two out of three, one to go.

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Ill take a wild guess, again, and state that I think the mysterious last one is 'one of those' free fonts ( But, 'Mayo', by Peter Bruhn, may be a lovely alternate :)


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That mystery font reminds me of something from Acme Fonts, but their website is down right now.

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Thank you to everyone who responded! Thanks so much for the help.... I think I can find a substitute for the mystery font. :)

sincerely and cordially,

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