(x) Stevie Wonder "Songs in The Key of Life" - custom drawn (similar to Monterey) {Richard}

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What is the font used here?

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It looks hand drawn to me.

There are variations in common letters, and the angle of "radiation?" varies all over the place.

It's from 1976, so it ain't type on a path. I think you'd probably have to slant a script font backwards to get it to work like that as well.


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Thank you for your reply. I figured it was hand drawn, but I was also looking for suggestions of a typeface to use to get a similar feeling. The closest I've found so far is Monterey.

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Sorry I meant to mention Monterey, but I got distracted.

It's the S and W isn't it? but it doesn't have the contrast, you need something more like Palace or Commercial script for that.

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