Who wants to kern my logotype(!)?

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I've got a logo and the letterforms are a nightmare for perfect kerning. Here's what I've got right now. Anybody got suggestions for improvement?

(and yes, "Heagy" is a last name and it's terrible. Pronounced "HAY-gee" where the g is hard like in "goodness gracious that name sounds like you're spitting!")

heagy_kerning.gif7.77 KB
heagy_kerning_2.gif7.71 KB
heagy_kerning_3.gif4.85 KB
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sorry, there's no attachment. try it again.

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Ah. Fixed.

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The 'EA' 'combination' would slightly bother me, like that


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EA combo tightened. Definitely had to do that.

Anybody else think anything's a couple millimeters off?

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Second version looks about right.

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I think the first version was about right for the HEA combination, especially at the small size, while the AG wants a slight increase and the GY wants an even smaller increase, these alterations are only hair's* difference.
In the second version I would consider closing up the HE slightly it is creating a quite distinct vertical.
* or gnat's

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Yeah, what Tim said.

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The subtlest of tweaking. Thanks for the feedback. How's the 3rd GIF look?

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Looks good to me.

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Cool. Thanks for the help!

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Just a thought:
This logo has similar letters
and works fine in my opinion:


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