"Galleries Traditional" squooshed bold serif

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I tried What the Font before I bothered you here and Nimbus Roman bold came up for (Tradition) ... (Galleries) might be Garamond or Benquait but don't know which one ... it is inconclusive.


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There you go ... so much for What The Font :) I should know better and turn to the expert.

Many thanks,

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Hold it, the italic 'r' is off. It's not the "regular" Times but one of the many spin-offs. Hmmm... I'll try to pinpoint which one.

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I can't get my attempt to fit the footprint :(
Is it just single characters, edited and stretched?
Thanks again ...

I see your new post ... THANKS :)

I'm trying to attach my attempt to duplicate but the wrong image appears! I'll try again ...

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Times New Roman is at the bottom ... any ideas what the top Galleries might be?
Thanks :)

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