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I'm thinking of putting together a "General Posting Guidelines" thread (not this one) that would remain at the top of the posting area in the General Discussion Board mainly to inform newcomers to the boards on how to get the most out of the typophile experience. I'm wondering:

1) Is this a good idea?

2)What are some standards you think should be recommended. Here are a couple i think there should be:

A) Search before you post: many topic have been discussed before. Please use the search function before posting a new thread to see if the subject you're interested in has already been covered.

B) Image guidelines: Images MUST be in RGB format and should not exceed certain dimensions (what dimensions should those be? you tell me!)

So, post here with what you think our community guidelines should be. (Or if there are already some in place, please point me to them!) Thnx for looking.

***Update: the guidelines can be found at

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Don’t forget to mention that all comments posted on this web site must be completely pointless and uterly without merit, reason, or be based on facts or expereince.

I'm pretty much the only one doing that, so I guess for once I'm not screwing up.
: )

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How about, "to thyne own self be true,"--as in no phony names and drive-by shooting tactics when posting. This is not some dating chat room where people hide their identity. We are supposed to talk about type and there is no need for secret identities to do that.


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Font player, your one of the only reasonable people hear.

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It's about time someone realized I was the voice of reason. Thanks for the chuckle.

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By the same token, please do not post links to sites with commercial fonts for download.

should be

By the same token, please do not post links to sites with commercial fonts for illegal download.

as sites [[|like]] [[|these]] have commercial fonts for download.

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I think if you're going to direct posters to search first, you might also want to provide instructions for the workaround with Google since the built-in search function doesn't seem to turn up reliable results.

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...commercial fonts for illegal download.

illicit would be preferable to "illegal", because in some countries there is no "legal" basis to the act of "font theft" or "unauthorized sharing of software", no actual state laws or legislation relating directly to it.

The only real standard for this kind of thing is the commercial nature of font vending and the moral outrage of type makers and vendors whose commercial rights are violated. For example, a user who breaches the terms and conditions of a font product's EULA makes illicit use of the product, but there may be no legal redress to their behaviour, depending on which country we're talking about.

It may be wise to put in a statement dealing with the "unauthorized distribution or sharing", breach of EULA and the commercial rights of authorized vendors.

j a m e s

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hey, thanks for the suggestions! how about this: "please do not post links to sites witch offer unauthorized downloads of commercial fonts."?

Craig, I'll go back and link to some googling instructions later...

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hey, thanks for the suggestions! how about this: “please do not post links to sites witch offer unauthorized downloads of commercial fonts.”?

First, I'd recommend that it say "that" instead of "which."

Second, remember that non-commercial fonts are still copyrighted. We could look at what Wikipedia says. I have to go.

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Good points Thomas.

Paul, how about: "please do not post links to sites or resources offering unauthorized downloads of fonts, either free or commercial."

It may seem trivial to some people, but Thomas has good point about "that" v.s "which". It's a very fine point in English grammar.

I've avoided it altogether with "offering".

Glad you guys care.

Yep, some basic google tips on searching would be invaluable.

While I think of it, the max image width of 600px still causes scrollbars to appear in Internet Explorer, so I've adopted 590px for max width. I'm not allowed to look at Typophile on Macs at work. so can Safari users please post some feedback on max image width? What's the maximum width image you can post before scrollbars show up?

Thanks :^)

j a m e s

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In my defense: BBC say that and which are often interchangeable. I thought BBC might be a reliable resource, but as with anything that's up for debate.

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The BBC answer doesn't mention Fowler, of "Modern English Usage". Fowler had a campaign to distinguish between "that" and "which". The idea is that you should use "that" when the clause defines or identifies that which comes before: "The assassination that triggered the First World War." But when you are expanding on the previous, then you use "which": "Romney's speech on religion, which was highly controversial."

There is some debate about how valid this rule is, but I think it's helpful.

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Also there is the other use: "That witch that was burned at the stake which hirt like hell" :-)


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Fowler's rule separating "that" and "which" is widely used by editors and teachers in the United States but has never been widely adopted in Britain. It's a bit artificial, in my opinion, since it's sort of an arbitrary creation - as if I were to say "people should only use the word 'desktop' to refer to computer interface spaces and never use it to refer to a piece of furniture", and then expect everyone to obey me - but people complain about violations anyway.

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Um,— the original guidelines post [that done linked me herebouts], "audience" is listed twice within the list of recommended aspects to cover re: limning the rudiments of one's typoguery.

...if! that repetition was intentional—then the distinction being gestured by the nominal twins is, um. ...not 'specially clear. Rr?

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i'm afraid you'll have to give that to me in simple English today. my brain is misfiring slightly. if you would, please:

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Come on Paul, that was English at its finest. I need to use the phrase "limning the rudiments of one's typoguery" more often.

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Did it disappear or has it not been mentioned? What are the RGB values for the background gray?
(I know I can sample those, but they should be in the posting guide).

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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I want to remove my account of/from here! I didn't find where and how I remove my acoount! Please, I don't want to frequent here.

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I've tried to do searches on topics before posting a question or starting new thread, but the searches always come up blank... Is there a trick to it that I don't comprehend?


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Searches - use Google (or search engine of your choice) with your search term +" site:Typophile". The built-in search functionality at Typophile has always been spotty at best, if it was even working.

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I wonder if it would be a good idea to have a concise intro/summary of this site. It seems sometimes people end up here with wrong expectations that might be quickly cleared up. Just a quick line to say who runs the forum, who the members are, and what people could reasonably expect out of it. Like an 'About us' page. Forgive me if this exists and I have not seen it.

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This has been a long time coming. It’s old, but much of it still applies, and I am truly amazed at how people are still making the same mistakes we made a decade ago. Taken from Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox, October 3, 2005: Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005.

2. Non-Standard Links Following are the five main guidelines for links:

• Make obvious what’s clickable: for text links, use colored, underlined text (and don't underline non-link text).

• Differentiate visited and unvisited links.

• Explain what users will find at the other end of the link, and include some of the key information-carrying terms in the anchor text itself to enhance scannability and search engine optimization (SEO). Don’t use “click here” or other non-descriptive link text.

• Avoid JavaScript or other fancy techniques that break standard interaction techniques for dealing with links.

In particular, don’t open pages in new windows (except for PDF files and such). Links are the Web's number one interaction element. Violating common expectations for how links work is a sure way to confuse and delay users, and might prevent them from being able to use your site.

For example, instead of linking “I just came across an interesting Kickstarter project. For more information, click here” (which provides the user with no information as to where they are going to end up without additionally reading the words around the ambiguous word “here,” try:

I was doing a bit of reading, and I came across an interesting Kickstarter project: Gremolata & Cancellaresca Milanese. A graphic design project in new York, NY, by Russell Maret.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
~ George Santayana. The Life of Reason.

(And how wonderfully ironic that the page I came from to end up “here” — a Typophile thread “PLEASE READ: Typophile Forum Posting Guidelines” — violates this very principle ;)

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fixed. :^D

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Damn, Paul, now that you have edited the title, I don't know if I am allowed to read this thread anymore ;-)

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Link is not working for

FAQ: where to find "cool" free fonts

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Very helpful share , Everything that I need in this time all are still there . Since I am new here so I need time to get everything clearly . By the way nice to meet you all my dears !

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