DIN rounded

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Hey This is my first post. This site looks great! Anyway I was just wondering if DIN rounded was available to purchase anywhere.

Thanks for your help,


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Perhaps this would work?


Although, if you're looking for a rounded, industrial/template font, Bryant is the way to go:


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FF DIN Rounded is in production. Until then, marc's suggestions are good. Also: Gravur Condensed

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And you mustn't forget Nick Cooke's Chevin.

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also relevant to this old thread is Gotham rounded

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Yves - You remembered! ;^)

Nick Cooke

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Great suggestions. I'm glad you steered me to Bryant instead of DIN marcox.

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Old thread day indeed, Jan. What’s happening!? ;^)

And Nick, you're right. I’m surprised myself! :^P

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FF DIN Round has finally been released.

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