Kerning in Fontlab?

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Ok, pretty new to this but anyways...
I have downloaded the .txt kerning pairs document here at typofile long time ago, usefull info. I see in Fontlab - Kerning Assistance - that one is able to open Kerning Assistance files and .txt files as well. How do I do this? And can I use the kerning pairs.txt?

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Select WINDOW, NEW METRICS WINDOW, and click the KERN (green K) button. Then find the button that has an ellipsis (...) on it. Click that, then click OPEN, and you can load your kerning pair text file, and it will become you default kerning file.

If you want to use the Auto-Kern feature, select the option of "All the pairs from the following list" (or words to that effect), and Auto-Kern will use you default file as well.

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