Yet another Van Doesburg?

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Hi all.
I have a question as to whether or not it would be worth it to release a face I've had sitting on my hard drive for 8+ years.

The font is basically a reproduction of the Van Doesburg Cafe Aubette lettering which The Foundry seems to have also duped (and I can't say I agree with some of their design decisions). My version is actually quite different than theirs and has my own little twists on the theme. I would also be making several weights and possibly widths to make mine more versatile.

What do you think? Do we need another Van Doesburg replica? Should I bother cleaning it up and fleshing out the weights?

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If I may suggest, Matthew, do what you feel like doing. Complete it ,then decide for yourself what you will do with that project, you don't need our approval! If you judge it to be worthy of distribution then do all you can to have it be so...

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True. I guess I've been second guessing myself more lately as I'm more weary of wasting time on unworthy subjects. I'm going to play with it some more...

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Do you have a sample somewhere?

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Here ya go. And beware that this is still early in the game...

Edit: Sorry for breaking the grid with a wide image.

Try this: Linky

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Matthew - All the Foundry's "revivals" are a little sketchy. I have someone telling me their Ballmer is completely unauthorized by the family of the designer. Meanwhile, P22 is a more responsible about such things. They have DeStijl which is definitely it's own thing. I say go.

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I agree Stephen. After inspecting the other versions closely, it appears to me like neither really hits the mark.

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Well, if you've already done the work.
But why be so literal?
After all, that was almost 100 years ago.
Eboy and Minimum are in the Doesburg groove.
I did a "Doesburg" version of Panoptica.
What would be relevant right now?

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I don't know, the Aubette lettering still stands strong today despite it's age. I think it's as relevant as ever. A faithful representation with multiple weights and widths will be a useful tool for people either looking to replicate the De Stijl look or I could even see it used in a modern hip-hop magazine.

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