Disc Golf Logo Redux

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I may have posted the original logo on here awhile ago, but sticking with the new I won't rehash that.

This is for my friends non-profit disc golf organization. The org puts on tournaments, sponsors events and produceds a small amount of wearable gear for the disc golf market.

The target market stretches from 16 to 50(tenatively), so it's not so slanted toward one end of the consumeristic spectrum or the other. I will write more blah, blah, blah if I don't stop now.

Let the judges critique.

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I like the Meta version, it's more "playful." I do think the words could use some seperation.

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For the 'core' versions, I prefer Interstate, but for the full name ones, I prefer Meta.

Have you considered making the disc off-center to the right, to imply flight/motion? Perhaps on the horizontal versions, the disc could sit where a superscript would for the word 'core', to show some flight and motion? The layouts feel a bit too static for the subject. The disc shows spin, but not as much flight.

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I agree with Chris on everything he said. Also consider moving the disc far away from the mark and look at different sizes of the disc itself.

In conclusion, disc golf is awesome.

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So I finally got to updating based on some of the ideas. Chris, I know what you mean completely. It does feel static, though it should have motion since it is a quick/fast sport. I hope some of the examples give it what you think it needs.

I definitely avoided using any extra elements to imply motion. It would distract immediately from the disc form if I did.

Are the new samples better in your mind? I kind of dig the top row, second in from the left.

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Yeah, after staring at the new ones for 5min, I agree with your selection. Top row, third from the right. Nice work, Mate.

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perhaps you could reinforce the idea of movement by subtracting elements, not by adding. For example...

a quick sketch for discussion purposes

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