(x) Art Nouveau style "Garden Needs" - Edda Solid/Black {Patricia}

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Can someone ID this font? I have nary a clue.

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Edda Solid or Edda Black (I see both names used).

Seems to be a Dover font, part of their Art Nouveau collection. I don't know if you can buy it individually and can't find a showing so far.

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Perfect, thank you. Now need to find a source fot it.

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Yeah, I couldn't find one. I have this font, and if it is truly not available commercially I'm happy to send it to you. But I don't know how that will go over with this board...

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Could it be on the accompanying CD for this book?

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Yes. I have the complete set.

$11.53 for the book and 24 fonts is not bad... plus no licensing issues. I guess if it's copyright free I could also just email it to Evan, no?

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That's an interesting question, and I really wouldn't know about that. Anybody else knows more? Maybe Tiff, our EULA princess?

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No, I can buy the fonts/book. Please don't want the font police to come a knockin.

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You do get a lot of bang for your buck with that book/CD.
I've had some fun with those fonts. But some are pretty silly.

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