Amplitude alternative suggestion

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I'm looking for something similar to Amplitude. By similar I mean something that is sans, is a little bit agressive, has display size qualities yet could still be used for short text sized advertising paragraphs.

If any of this makes sense.

It would be a primary face for a corporate identity. Our budget is just a bit less than would be needed to purchase the entire amplitude family. Im looking for something that can come in around $200 for the family, or at least under $300.

Any bright ideas?

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First, rather than assuming you will purchase the entire family, how many weights and widths do you truly need? Example: get 4 weights of Amplitude in 2 widths for $280.

Amplitude 1 Normal - Light, Regular, Bold, Black - $140
Amplitude 1 Condensed - Light, Regular, Bold, Black - $140

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The same eight fonts would cost only $240 at Font Bureau, the publisher of Amplitude, due to Font Bureau's "bulk discount."

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Mark, did you appropriate Altria's logo? ;-)

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Ewwwww, no, lol. I actually found it on deviantART quite some time ago.

But now that Altria have appropriated my avatar, I should probably look for something else... :)

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Hey, if you think Sophisto is "agressive" enough, you'll get the whole pack for just $179


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Thanks, Gents. We have gone with Sophisto.

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Ancient Sound, Paul Klee, 1925

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Hooray Stefan!

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Thanks Kyle! Let me know how things develops on this project.

And as always, thanks for your support Stephen ;-)

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