Charles E. Heyer

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Charles E. Heyer, 1841–1897

As a young man Charles E. Heyer (1841–1897) worked for the Decker printing company in Germany which later became the government printing office. In 1867 he came to American and worked at the Boston Type Foundry for 10 years. He came to Chicago in 1877, and in 1879 joined Barnhart Brother & Spindler and remained there until May 1, 1897, when he died of heart failure.

Among his typefaces are: Armenian & Extended, Maltese & Open, Occident & Shaded, Lyric, Sylvan Text, Challenge, Emerald, Arcade, Castle, Solar, Grant, Princeton, Fair, Aron, Canton & Open, La Salle, Mazarin, Mayo, Opaque, Heyer, Lightface Era, Lakeside, Princess, Jewel, Grace, Myrtle, and Plate.

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