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Dear typophiles,

I've been asked to design a logo for the "Culture Card", a credit-card format card that'll give high school students discounts on the ticket price of musea, movie theaters, concerts et al.

I'm not too sure of the type treatment quite yet, but I like the graphic mark.

Please tell me what you think, thanks!

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hey,my opnion
'the graphic mark is not readble,the face need more style
i like the idea of the colors but not the colors they are a little
kindegarden oriented,bottom line,i think u need to find a sulotion
that will collect all ure ideas into one,now it seem too complex for my opnion,i like the thin/bold typo',and for the sketch u show
i prefer the upper one with the vertic hirearchi.

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I think the colors are anything but kindergraden. No kindergardener mixes their tempera paints into a sophisticated palette like that. You might try eliminating the eyes, and making the logo a smiling card. I would also use the aspect ratio of a credit card in the box behind.

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"I was so much older than, I'm younger than that now" Bob Dylan. High school students think of themselves as hip and more sophisicated than adults. A happy smiley face won't cut it and I agree the colors aren't "cool". The graphic is fine for a younger audience so don't loose it just save it for the next job. I would gather ads that target your audience and see how they are marketing to them.

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After thinking about this a little, I take back my initial opinion of the colors. I agree with Dan and g_u_y_t that they really don't work with your target audience.

After a little more thinking, I really don't agree that the Dylan quote applies to your typical high-schooler. I went back to a younger time (a whopping 3 years ago), and really tried to analyze what high school was about to me and the people I attended it with. Most students are in the least bit interested in being sophisticated, they want to be the exact opposite of their parents. Most do have an interest in being "hip," but high school "hip" is nothing sophisticated. Keep in mind, this is just my experience in a middle-class, Southern California city, so it may not be the same for other parts of the country.

I agree with Dan, look at the advertising, and even the people you are trying to market to, and try to get a feel for their interests and style.

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I agree. This is more Middle School than High School. It's very nice, but not quite hitting the target audience.

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I'm with Dan, the card is not sophisticated or hip enough for that age range. Your audience wants the accountrements of adulthood without the stuffy conservative feel. The card should probably feel like a funky credit card or exclusive pass. Look at the palettes of hip companies that thrive on that market: Apple, MTV, Reebok, etc. I recommend eliminating the cuteness and pushing towards funky edge. Only go cute if you can contrast it with another option as well. But if you do go cute, maybe think Kid Robot cute.

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