LUDMILA023 - my first font...

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hi, everyone! so i'ma newbie in font creating, this is my first original font and blah-blah.. realy for now it has only uc and numbers, coz i'm not sure this font is original, so you find it similar with some other typefaces, please, let me know.. please!! thank you..


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do you mean the string at bottom of a picture?
no, its cyrillic part of free "CloseCall" font by Closefonts(, which i made for my own needs...

"ludmila023" has its cyrillic part too.. i will upload it later, when all misstakes will been fixed:-)

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I would make optical adjustments to the horizontals (they should slightly thinner
than the verticals) this would improve
legibility. Also D seems too heavy around
the curves on the left. I do not think the S
fits with the rest of the glyphs. For additional
reference of similar designs, see Mark Von Bronkhorst's Conduit
( or
A good start...Keep it going...

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little bit of a ultramagnetic feel

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> I would make optical adjustments

Normally, I would agree. But in this case I'm thinking that maybe the optical
naïveté is the main way this design might differentiate itself from the masses.


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It reminds me of Tobias Frere-Jones' Garage Gothic,
although on second look, yours is different enough.

Is the cyrillic here part of your face? I'd love to see more.

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