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Im making some works for my application for studying design. One of the works that im doing for it is designing a displayfont. The idea which I have is too combine some different styles together. The forms are based a bit on russian constructivism, 1920 bauhaus and din. Also my idea was only to use uppercase letters, uppercase ligatures and enclaves and some alternates like the trajan.

First I constructed the letters clearly but later i decided to give the letters a bit more character and gave them a dirty outline, try to let them look like worse printed overfilled letters.

At the moment I just finished the normal alphabet and numerals. Before I continue my work I would like to know what you think about the idea and if my letters are correct!?

Thanx: Steven

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I like it. The rough look works well.

Your "A" is too tall, I think; only a sharp point would make an overshoot like that necessary.

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oh yes you are right! Haven't seen it before. Thanx, but then the V and W are too tall too. They have the same size like the A.

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to me the 4 seems a bit overweight in comparison, and the G is too bulky on the right-hand side. don't know about the 9 falling over.

the overall impression is very nice, however, and i think i definitely has an impact of its own. nice work!


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Nice. I just had a vision for the lc: make the x-height the height of the
caps, with long ascenders, and very short (or like Hobo, no) descenders.

BTW, where did you get the term "enclaves"?


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Thanx for the idea with the lowercase. Sounds really good. Maybe I will add the lowercase letters later. But at the moment I just have 2 more months to finish my work which I want to use as references to become a graphic design student. I cant rest for a long time on this project because I have to finish 40 workings for it.

Re: BTW: I found the term "Enklaven" on google image search while i was searching after "Ligaturen"


I dont know if the term is correct!? How would you call these things!?

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Well, godspeed, as they say.

Enclave: I don't think it can be incorrect, simply because
I've never heard a [distinct] term for that! I might've once
heard something based on "nest" (maybe in something con-
cerning Mantinia or Sophia, dunno) but apparently it wasn't
memorable... And I actually like "enclave" a lot. I'd give it a
Strong Buy recommendation. :-)


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