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Hello Everyone,
See attachment: it's Freight Medium 9 pt tracked at 0. Great newsy font but generates labyrinth effect in Polish when set in 39 mm columns. Already tried a variety of H&Js. This one seems optimal but not satisfying - the gaps.. 39 mm column is a must. Any ideas?

BTW: Does anybody know any newspaper in compact format [apart from Independent on Sunday] which uses 6 column grid?
Thanx in advance.


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It seems like that may be more an issue of your column width, and word length, rather than an issue with Freight?

What happens if you bring the point size down to 8.75 and maybe track it -.5? Maybe a slight change like that could help.

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Pretty narrow columns for justified composition.


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Column width is hard issue - must think about it.
But look: -0.5 track helps! Before I only tried -1. Shame on me -10 years on Quark and didn't know that I can fix 0.0 parameters track..] Thanx Chris.

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It looks like you have a double space between by and o in the line that begins: by o podczas. Alternately to the tracking you could allow your minimun and optimum word spaces to be somewhat more narrow. Its amazing how small you can make the word space and still have it look quite good.

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Not to worry: the by o gap is caused by missing 'l slash' character while pouring Polish sample text.
Word spaces: you right, the lines got smoother.


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Knap, glad that helped! Sometimes those minute adjustments make a big difference. I used to design a newsletter, and the art director would sometimes ask me to *gasp* horizontally scale a line of copy 99% or 98% to get it to fit. It was an imperceptible change, but it often worked...

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Knap, I have designed a newspaper sized 280x360 mm with 6 column grid. Does that count as compact-format? What specifically were you interested in?

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