Mathematical typesetting in Indesign CS

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I am working on a textbook which had a few mathematical fractions and equations in it - such as a bracketed fraction multiplied by another fraction etc. I am finding this quite difficult..

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on creating nut fractions in particular and any general tips in Indesign CS. I don't have Indesign CS 2, apparently it makes things easier for numerical data.

Many thanks
-Cheryl (new typesetter/production assistant)

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A plug-in like Math Magic might help.

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... or InMath ...

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Thanks I managed using some characters in a font called Mathematical PI.

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:^> Yes. I guess that would be even easier.

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At my day gig we use MathType. Making equations is very quick and intuitive, but placing the resulting .eps files in my InDesign documents often requires a good bit of tweaking (baselines, etc.)... Especially if you don't want to use Times.

I've been longing for a sans version of Symbol for ages now, I might just have to make it myself.


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I want to know that how to do mathematics book in Indesign CS2. Is there any free plugin or free software for mathematics.

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PowerMath supports various versions of InDesign including an older version that covers CS2:

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