Anyone else tried opening an .IK file in FontLab 5?

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For those who would know the intimate details, I opened a PS Type 1 font in DTL Datamster Light, converted it to Ikarus format and did an outline cleanup with ContourMaster Light. I then attempted to open the same .ik file in FontLab 5, and it was da bomb...literally.

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I believe that FontLab Studio 5 can open native VFB format files, as well as "compiled" fonts in TrueType and PostScript Type 1 format. (And possibly also PostScript Type 3.) Also, it will open variants of those formats, such as dfont and OpenType.

Other software's native format files are not supported: Fontographer's fog format cannot be parsed by FontLab Studio 5, but FontLab's "FogLamp" utility can convert fogs.

Perhaps Yuri or Adam is around and can post a better-informed answer.

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I then attempted to open the same .ik file in FontLab 5, and it was da bomb…literally.

it blew your workstation up?

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You did not indicate if you
speak of FLS5 Mac or Win.

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I have openned them with FLS5 Windows. The encoding got completely lost, and the outlines had to be rescaled to 1000 square units, but really OK, all in all.

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FL5 Win...Dan, were the files you opened generated by DTL software, or did they come from elsewhere?

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No, they were native Ikarus files. Old ones… from the late 80s, I think.

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Generally FLS 5 can open Ikarus files. If it doesn't open your particular file you may send it to yar [at] fontlab [dot] com to let him look at it.

Alex Petrov

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Colour me completely corrected. c

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