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This is a logo i'm working on for a new Visual Effects Studio called Makina Yaratıcı Post, that means Machine Creative Post.

Comments are welcome.

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Hey there

Its obvious that your looking for a futuristic feel and that part comes trough nicely. I just have a few small things. The vertical line in your A's are slighty coming out of the horisontal line on the right...making a little bump that looks like an error.
Also the Yaratıcı Post should allign with something in your big logoletters.

Good luck with it...


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I would rethink the additional type below your 'MAKINA', it seems too light and not quite complimentary of what you have so far for your logo type.

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thanks for the comments.

the bump on the right side of the A's is an error indeed. But i thought it was a nice error so i kept it. I'll try it a bit longer, so it won't look like an error or i'll just get rid of it.

btw, this is another version of the logo which i think i like better. what do you think?


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I prefer this one so far. It holds together more, with better balance. I would perhaps close the letterforms together SLIGHTLY more (more like the kerning on your original post) and put the 'Makina Yaratici' text back in. You may want to experiment with the typeface/weight of this 'Makina Yaratici' text though.

Any help?

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