Willi Kunz Typography Books

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there are two Niggli books by Willi Kunz:

1. Typography: Macro and Microaesthetics
2. Typography: Formation + Transformation

What is the difference between them? Are they two volumes of a single manual? Is the latter a new edition of the former? What do you think about them?


P.S. What is the internet address of Willi Kunz Studio?

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Kevin van der Leek touched on the difference at Typographica.

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Personally, I think Typography: Formation + Transformation is WAY overpriced. $100 bucks for a hardback book is steep. It should be at least HALF that price. There are other books that can teach you about type and grid structures. You can get TWO books for the same price and can learn the same thing.

Univers is a GREAT typeface...but given that this is the 21st century, there are many other type choices.

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