(x) "Kronopol" Futura Black-like stencil logo - (similar to) Glyphic Neue {Marc O}

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This looks a lot like the funny stencil/graphic Futura Black, but there are also significant differences. Is there a font exactly like this or has its designer made the changes?
Thanks for the help :) Again :)).

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I seem to remember seeing something like this in Dafont's techno section. Good luck finding it though.

- Lex

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'President Gas', by Ray Larabie, may be an 'edgy' alternate :)


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The shapes are very simple and the negative space in pol is much larger than krono. Since there aren't any other words I could believe its either a modified typeface or hand drawn. I doubt a type designer would make the disparity between the outline pol and the regular krono.

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mde, I got my hands on other logos of this Krono group. It seems that it really is a modified face after all, as the letters in other logos look +/- the same, but small differences (presence/absence of round corners and such) give away that they've been made by different people at various times to match the logo of the mother company more or less. So I decided to modify the funny Futura to match the letters.

As for Dan's comment on the stroking of the Pol part of the logo - this is what usually happens when you just hit "stroke" in the Illustrator without other tinkerings with the result. The person who did it probably was on a hurry or didn't give it any thought at all.. I wonder how Czechs have managed to have their beautiful Storm foundry, when Eastern Europe overall is a huge territory of typographical ignorance... (usual rant, but I'm not very educated myself, so I'm really not the one to throw the first stone)

I am "designing" a logo for a company this Krono group has acquired recently (ie. my task is to make just another one based on the sample) and have some questions about it too, but I will upload it to the Design section.

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"...stroking of the Pol..."

I'm just not going to say anything...

- Lex

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I found what might be the "mother" typeface for this variant in the 1972 directory of VGC Typositor headline fonts. There's a small group of condensed block letters with rounded corners which look very similar and they are simply called "Glyphic Series".

Of course this is all pre-digital and of no hope to you at the moment. Sorry. :-(

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Glyphic Neue, a relatively recent reworking of the family Norbert refers to, might be useful:


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Marc, thanks for spotting Glyphic Neue digital revival of Glyphic Series.
Looks like Maija won't need to make too many modifications as opposed to using Futura Black.

Original source

Glyphic Neue

Futura Black

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Thank you, Norbert, and lex - hey, English is not my first language :D, so I beg - forgive kindly my misuse of it. :)

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Hopefully you still check on this thread. I've come across a monospace, condensed typeface similar to Glyphic Neue, but it looks more like the original sample. Its called Garland Monospace. Look for it at www.industrial-organic.net.

Also check out some of the other typographic treatments, and the Herb Lubalin tributes, definitely a new take on the retro type.


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Thanks, meta, it looks like a close match, although fairly condensed. I will take a closer look on works of Herb Lubalin. I need time, more time! :)

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