Ideo Stencil - My first display face

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I started this display type some weeks ago, and it has turned from a slab serif into a stenciled slab. I still work on the original.

My intensions was to gather some of the things and charactistics i like from diffrent slab's and make my own interpretation of it - including my additions to make it more modern. It's not a diffinate display type, and will, in it's original form (the slab) work for text on print as well.

What do you guys, gods and goddesses think?

I just made a quick specimen for critics - not very nice ;)


ideo_stencil.pdf62.01 KB
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I'll offer my thoughts, although I'm but a mere mortal. I like the feel of this so far. I'm not convinced about the rounded notches though. It's interesting, but it doesn't seem to work at smaller sizes. Great so far. I like stencil types, and this has a nice feel.

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Nice indeed. And I like the notches.

The S/s seem to have an excess of gaps in comparison to the other glyphs; try leaving only the one gap in the middle, or only the two on the top and bottom.

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I will get back to points quoted - but i hope a that a few more could spare some minutes on my type :o)

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good point regarding the detailing of the "S" and "s". I vote for a gap top and bottom with a solid middle section. Acheive the stencil aesthetic while retaining the beautiful, curving portion of the "S" glyphs.

I also like the notches. It made me think that there is an imaginary stencil cutter that has a little quirck in the mechanics that occasionaly causes a little divit to appear in the letter forms.

I am an exhibit designer. I am always interested in type which has small details that come out when the type is used very large. Small details keep giant type from feeling cartoony when the visitor is closer.

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