(x) 5 fonts from records - ITC Serif Gothic, Nobel, Eurostile, Helvetica, Kaufmann, Aarcover {Dav, Marc O, Mike F}

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hi there
i was trying to identify these fonts, they're mostly from cover records
ill appreciate if you can help me to identify which one they are
most importantly the first 3

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'quas.gif' = 'Nobel' ( Font Bureau, Dutch Type Library )
'shellc.gif' = 'Eurostile' / 'Microgramma' + 'Helvetica'
'bore.gif' = 'Aarco' ( ? )


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metll.gif = Kill 'Em All - Probably ITC Serif Gothic, with a pre-digital alternate "E"

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wr.gif = Kaufmann
bore.gif = An old typeface called static. Lots of versions of this exist. I'll point you to David Rakowski's Aarcover.

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real thanks a lot
every font was accurate

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Why, I wouldn't expect anything less from three of our top IDers. :^)

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