Windermere Real Estate logo

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I am needing an id of the windermere type face used in their logo

windermere logo type.gif1.93 KB
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Looks almost like Optima to me, but not quite.

Very tightly kerned, regardless.

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I thought of a partially de-serifed version of Americana. (With extremely tight tracking).

- Mike Yanega

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If I had my PLINC book I bet I would see it in there. Awful spacing on that logo, huh? I think it's a photo type from the 70's, not something else customized.

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I think Patty's right -- at least that's the closest we've seen. (I looked through my three PhotoLettering catalogs and didn't see a better match).

- Mike Yanega

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For anyone with a VGC catalog, it looks alot like Baker Sans - either Display Regular or Fineline Regular.

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