(x) Carolina Golf logo - Brassett {Mike F}

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Can anyone ID this. Reminds me of...
but that's not right.

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I think you could re-create this using the Nick's Font you found and Jim Spiece's Quaint Gothic, which would only need some serifs removed from the A, N and R. With a bit of clipping of Nick's G, I think you'd have it.

Bottom line: Carolina Golf could be a customized mix of these two fonts.

- Mike Yanega

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Looks like Paul Lloyd's Brassett was used.

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So it does! Good spot (once again) Mike. Even better than knowing how to fake a font, is knowing where the actual font can be found.

There must be a principle like Ockham's Razor when it comes to fonts too -- the simplest explanation is almost always the right one.

- Mike Yanega

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