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Hi all,

Not specifically a type problem per se, but I thought the Typophile collective might be able to suggest a solution to the problem...

I work on a Mac (OS X) and regularly need to print lots of PDF files (magazine pages). They need to be sent to our laser printer on our studio network and it's a grade-A hassle to print because if I try to highlight all the files and select print, a print options dialogue box appears for each and every PDF - meaning I can't leave the Mac working away and go and do something else, even though the print options are identical for each PDF file. It's not the end of the world or anything, it's just irritating, having to sit there and manually attend to the dialogue boxes!

Has anyone got any idea of a way around this? Is there an AppleScript or application that will take the chore away?



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I haven't worked with the Automator yet, but I'll bet that is the key to your PDF printing woes.

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Brilliant! I had totally overlooked it - thanks ever so much, Tiffany!


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You can also create desktop printer in the Printer Setup Utility and simply drag all of the PDFs to the desktop printer icon. Not quite as sophisticated, but it works.

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